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PROBLEM: Raunchy Family Members at Weddings – Isolate, Contain, Evacuate


We all have them¬†-ūüėí- raunchy family members who can be offensive and embarrassing at formal events. This bride-to-be (who sent her problem to Dan Ariely‘s Wall Street Journal column) wants to know how to run defense on her raunchy family at her wedding to keep them from ruining her big day.¬†Charlie offers suggestions on how to manage those few¬†asshole¬†family members at weddings¬†(short of killing them and burying their bodies in a ditch).

PROBLEM: Some Dude He Barely Knows Asked Him to Be His Best Man – WTF?!


What would you do if a business associate you barely new asked you participate in their wedding? Charlie tackles this awkward (and potentially embarrassing) situation, sent to Dear Prudence, for a guy who calls himself “Not”.¬†ūüėź#NobodyAskedPodcast