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PRESS PLAY ▷Advice and Life Lessons From Batman

Sometimes the best advice can be found in the oddest places — like this awesome video originally posted by a police officer on Instagram showing an adorable boy (wearing a Batman tee-shirt, of course), learning a valuable lesson about gratitude, how to flow, perseverance (and why you should call the city to fix potholes!).

Watch the funny video and dig these great takeaways:

the office

EPISODE 25: When the Boss Is Too Involved in Your Personal Life, Here’s How To Tell Them to Back Off

An employee with an embarrassing financial situation mistakenly shares her struggles with her boss. Now that the boss is all up in her biz, she wants the Boss to back off. Is there a way to do this without ruining the relationship or causing tension? Charlie addresses this and shares her own personal story about a past boss crossing boundaries.