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EPISODE 21: a Neo Nazi, a Fashion Intern, an Ogling Boyfriend, and a Naive Teenager

This episode, we’re trying something a bit different. I’m doing “quick hit” advice feedback on FOUR problems instead of one problem. Don’t worry, I’m still doing the standard one question per episode format. I’m just switching it up a bit and testing new formats. Let me know what you think!

EPISODE 18: Finding Long-Lost Biological Parents – It’s Complicated

A woman who was adopted at birth receives an unexpected package – a folder containing the identity and contact information of her biological mother. Should she contact her mother? Should she ignore the information and move on with her life? Charlie tackles the complicated topic of adopted children who find their birth parents (and shares her own story of finding her father). This week’s problem was sent to in to Ask Amy at the Chicago Tribune.

Episode 10: Overweight Daughter, Overbearing Mother


There’s a fine line between a parent supporting their child by pointing out flaws, and being too critical and overbearing (to the point of making the problem worse). She means well (most parents do), but the concerned mother in this week’s problem (submitted to Amy Dickenson‘s advice column at NPR) is beginning to obsess over her college daughter’s weight and seek a dose of much-needed perspective. If a reality check is what you want, Charlie’s got what you need. 😏

PROBLEM: He’s Introverted, She’s Extroverted, and Her 5-Year Old Kid Is the Spawn of Satan


Charlie kicks off the first episode of this spanking new podcast with a problem submitted to Ask Polly by someone who calls himself “In Over My Head” — and it’s a good one. Can love overcome boundaries being crossed, sexual problems, and an out-of-control kid? This poor guy is in over his head.