cropped-Nobody-Asked-Me-App-Store-Art.jpegNobody Ask Me, But I’m Gonna Tell You is the advice column podcast, hosted by the eternally pragmatic Charlie Oliver, this is the podcast that offers a few good answers for life’s most ridiculous problems.

Every week, Charlie Oliver (@itscomplicated) trolls the web, looking for the most intriguing problems submitted to advice columns across the internet (there are hundreds of them!) on topics ranging from relationships, to career, to sex and dating, to health, to spirituality, to parenting, and anything else we mere mortals struggle with. After giving listeners the low-down on the problem, Charlie offers her no-holds barred, free advice on how folks can solve all those messy problems!

Charlie Oliver
Agony Aunt” Charlie going hard online and dishing out tough love advice.

Sure, no one is asking for our opinion, but how could we resist offering feedback? And Charlie is, after all, a chick from Brooklyn with as many opinions as anyone (if not more!). No problem is too big, or too small or too messy.

Show segments include:

  • My Three Cents: Charlie offer problem-solving advice to questions posted on advice columns;
  • Celebrity Advice: a review of one of the many advice columns being written by celebrities;
  • Advice Column Culture: The very first known advice column go back to 1690. Today there are advice columns all over the world from all cultures, religions and ethnicities. Charlie will turn the mic on these advice columnists (and their followers) and offer listeners a view of problems and problem-solving around the world.
  • Advice Partaaaay: special guests join in the problem-solving advice session; and
  • Listener Feedback: listener feedback and advice on problems covered on the show.

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New episodes will be uploaded every Monday and Friday morning.


This show is not meant to replace or act as professional therapy. Charlie is not an expert or practicing therapist (nor does she want to be one). The problems and solutions offered on this show are just meant to be entertainment. If you get anything more out of it, awesomeness. But remember, free advice is… free advice. 😒

Everybody’s got an opinion…

free advice (parking lot)