EPISODE 28: Statistically Guided Life Advice By Political News Site FiveThirtyEight

In this episode, we’re focusing on the New & Noteworthy, with a review of FiveThirtyEight‘s new advice column that offers solutions to readers’ problems using a panel of experts and statistical data. Yeah baby, number-crunch those problems!

About FiveThirtyEight’s new advice column: http://53eig.ht/2kxEqGb
Problem: “How Do I Handle An Annoying Gum-Chewing Co-Worker?” – http://53eig.ht/2kxmdIK
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I work in a large open “bullpen” with three desks in each of a dozen or so rows. People are alternately on the phone or a computer, and it can be loud sometimes, but not deafening. My co-worker incessantly pops and sucks gum, even pulling it in and out of her mouth with her fingers. The offending gum chewer has been at it for a couple of months, and though I’ve heard one or two people joke about the popping, no one has ever confronted the perpetrator. Many of the employees in this area are just past entry level, working on specific contracts, and the gum chewer is a manager, jovial but a bit thin-skinned. It’s driving me mad! What should I do?

— Misophoniac


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