Episode 27: Advice for an Atheist Who Is Afraid of Dying

It has been a few months since we’ve had a show. The last episode was back in November (the Carrie Fisher episode, sadly). I’m back with a new, shorter format and more problems to solve!

This problem was sent in to Ask Andrew WK at the Village Voice by an atheist who is struggling to tell his religious family that he no longer believes in God, and who now fears dying and being disconnected from them forever. Heavy.

This week’s problem was submitted to Ask Andrew WK at The Village Voice HERE.


I’m An Atheist Who Is Afraid of Death, and That’s OK! by Martin Hughes 



Dear Andrew W.K.,

I’ve recently accepted the fact that I’m an Atheist. I realize most everyone in my family would be very upset by this, so I’ve kept it to myself. But now I suddenly feel very isolated. I’m having a very difficult time understanding how to deal with death knowing that there isn’t a heaven in which those I love will be seen again. Please help me with the constant fear of losing my loved ones for forever.



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