EPISODE 26: Celebrity Advice – Carrie Fisher on Cheating Husbands

She’s baaaack! After a long Summer hiatus, I’m back at the podcast grind and loving it! This is the first episode since June (my, does time fly), with many more to come!

In this episode, I’ll review Carrie Fisher’s new advice column for the Guardian. The incomparable Carrie Fisher (actress, writer, and survivor) has come a long way since playing her breakout role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars. At almost 60 years old, Fisher has lived a tumultuous life working in Hollywood, battling drug addiction, conquering her demons, and telling her story and help others through her writing and comedy shows. What kind of advice does Carrie Fisher give in her new column? You’d be surprised.

Carrie Fisher announces her new column: http://bit.ly/2cNPz1H

This week’s problem was submitted to Carrie Fisher at The Guardian: http://bit.ly/2dqEf9B 


My husband has been seeing prostitutes. Can I trust him again?

Dear Carrie,

I’m a woman in mid 50s, two kids older than 18 (one launched), and have been married for 30 years to a man who, I recently discovered, has been seeing prostitutes since before we were married, at the rate of about every other month (“But not all the time!” he says – I would estimate about 100 during the course of our marriage). We are seeing counselors, both separately and together, and trying to make it work. I know I have every right to walk out in high dudgeon, but the facts remain – I am not financially independent. He is in many ways a good partner. I did love him like crazy. We have built a lot of life together. But on the other hand, he lied, lied and lied. I can forgive the fucking around, but the lying is difficult. And even with therapy, I don’t have reassurance that he will understand that lying is wrong. It’s like having a really sweet dog who doesn’t understand that peeing on the carpet is a no-go. But with the dog, at least I can go out and form relationships with other animals. I have so much invested at this point, and I am stubborn about giving up. But that stubbornness sometimes only allows me to see the exit signs in the rear-view mirror. I am at a loss as to what I would gain or lose by staying or going. If I leave, I will have no reason to keep his secrets, and he will lose his kids and a lot of his family. I feel bad about that, even if it’s not my fault. But on the other hand, maybe he needs some of those natural consequences to give him a kick in the pants. Having lived a well-experienced life, what are your thoughts?

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