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EPISODE 25: When the Boss Is Too Involved in Your Personal Life, Here’s How To Tell Them to Back Off

An employee with an embarrassing financial situation mistakenly shares her struggles with her boss. Now that the boss is all up in her biz, she wants the Boss to back off. Is there a way to do this without ruining the relationship or causing tension? Charlie addresses this and shares her own personal story about a past boss crossing boundaries.

This week’s problem was sent to XO Jane.


I’ve been working as the assistant to the CEO and CFO of a multi-million dollar real estate investment company. The relationship I have with my boss (mainly the CFO) is unique because I also do personal errands for him and have even watched his children in the past. He and I are not friends, but we do talk about some light personal matters.

Recently, we had lunch together and he asked me why I don’t have a credit card. I explained that I do have a small limit card that I use for bills and pay off every month. He said that I should be building my credit and told me to get another credit card for my monthly work expenses, so he can reimburse me and pay off the balance every month.

The thing is, I do have another card, but it is maxed out and I’m focusing on paying that down right now. I am hesitant to get a new card while I still have such a high credit-debt ratio with my other card. Yesterday, he asked me if I have been applying for cards, but I just artfully dodged the subject.

While I trust my boss’ guidance in financial matters, I don’t feel comfortable divulging my personal finances to him. What should I say to him if (and when) he brings it up again?


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