EPISODE 21: a Neo Nazi, a Fashion Intern, an Ogling Boyfriend, and a Naive Teenager

This episode, we’re trying something a bit different. I’m doing “quick hit” advice feedback on FOUR problems instead of one problem. Don’t worry, I’m still doing the standard one question per episode format. I’m just switching it up a bit and testing new formats. Let me know what you think!


— She’s 18 years old and naive. He’s 51 and her coworker. Is their relationship inappropriate? (Dear Abby)
— A fashion intern get criticized by her boss for her “stale” writing. (Ask Google)
— Neo Nazi, Trump-loving cousin threatens to ruin family reunion – (Ask Amy)
— He won’t stop ogling other women in front of his girlfriend.  (Carolyn Hax)


Have advice or comments about this week’s problem? Leave your feedback and advice in the comments below, via email at ask[at]nobodyasked.com, or via voicemail below.


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