EPISODE 20: Shameless Self-Promotion in Social Media Could Get You Punched in the Face

Shameless social media self-promotion could get you punched in the face if you’re sending your book proposal to the this journalist who writes book reviews, discovers new talent, and is apparently fed up with authors aggressively promoting themselves to him. He’s so fed up, that he wants to punch them in the face. Charlie tackles this problem, submitted to The Agony Editor, Brian Francis at Quill and Quire, and offers alternatives to violence (even though she totally gets why Mr. Journalist feels this way). Can’t we all get just get along? 😒


I am an arts and culture journalist who covers books. It’s great, except for the authors who blatantly self-promote their work. How do I tell them that this kind of self-promotion makes me want to punch their faces, not read their books?

I want to consider, up-and-coming writers for reviews and stories. I believe that authors should be on social media, but there’s a fine line between savvy and shut the eff up. How do I tell them they’ve crossed it without burning a bridge for the rest of my professional life?
Blogger Over Shameless Self-promotion


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