EPISODE 15: Swipe Left – When Guys Get Played By Women On Dating Apps

Is he a gentleman, or a sucker? This week Charlie tackles hooking up on dating apps. This week’s solution-seeker (LA Confused) submitted his problem to Ask Amy, wanting to know how he can use dating apps without being played. Oy! It’s complicated. 😒


Dear Amy:

I’m a European man living in Los Angeles. I use a dating app, and the following situation has happened many times to me (as well as to other friends):

We meet at a cool wine bar at 8 p.m. Kiss on the cheek, casual conversation.

We order glasses of wine. She orders the most expensive ($23 a glass). Okay.

Then she says, “Do you mind if ‘we’ order an appetizer? I’m starving.” She orders lobster bisque — the most expensive appetizer on the menu. Okay.

She says, “My family comes from money . . . I work with them in a nonprofit.” Then she says, “I’m meeting some girlfriends for karaoke after, but I’m still hungry, so do you mind if ‘we’ order another appetizer?” Okay. Then she says, “I need to use the restroom. Let’s leave after that. Can you get the bill in the meantime?” Okay.

So, Amy, am I a gentleman, or a sucker?

L.A. Confused

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