Lonely Atheist Wants To Spend Eternity in Heaven with Family


What if you were raised in a devout, religious family and then suddenly realized you no longer believed in the existence of a god, but became despondent over the idea of not spending eternity with your family? Yes, this week’s problem (submitted to Ask Andrew WK at The Village Voice)  is a head-scratcher and a bit confusing, but Charlie is up to the task of helping our agonizing atheist sort out his spirituality (or lack thereof), his family, and eternity. BAM!


The YouTube channel for Atheists in Egypt and the Middle East that Charlie mentions is called “Black Ducks” and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQuI0UMM0WaUXnlyEuo-6Ng
With over 220 episodes, and over 11,000 subscribers, the “Black Ducks” YouTube channel is hosted by Ismael Mohammed, who is pushing boundaries in Egypt and the Arab world preaching atheism and advocating for separation of state and religion (despite receiving death threats and having to run for his life).
Listen to Interview with Ismeal Mohammed on “Voices Unheard” podcast:https://play.pocketcasts.com/web#/podcasts/show/66f576e0-0a1d-0133-1f0d-059c869cc4eb

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