PROBLEM: Some Dude He Barely Knows Asked Him to Be His Best Man – WTF?!


What would you do if a business associate you barely new asked you participate in their wedding? Charlie tackles this awkward (and potentially embarrassing) situation, sent to Dear Prudence, for a guy who calls himself “Not”. 😐#NobodyAskedPodcast


“I was recently asked by a professional acquaintance to be the best man at his wedding. I’m very surprised by the request, as he and I only talk once or twice per year about work, and I do not consider him to be a personal friend. I would feel gross while pretending my way through a wedding I have zero personal investment in. But I also wonder if this person had no one else to ask. I think of how awful that must feel and wonder if going might be a random act of kindness for a relative stranger. And to a lesser extent, I worry about burning a bridge that could be useful for me professionally in the future. Can I say no? And if so, how?”


The episode of Seinfeld Charlie mentions is “The Boyfriend,” Season 3, Ep. 17 (aired Feb 12, 1992). Watch the full episode at Hulu:,p30,d0

The article she mentions is: Top 15 Male Bonding Activities 

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