PROBLEM: He’s Introverted, She’s Extroverted, and Her 5-Year Old Kid Is the Spawn of Satan


Charlie kicks off the first episode of this spanking new podcast with a problem submitted to Ask Polly by someone who calls himself “In Over My Head” — and it’s a good one. Can love overcome boundaries being crossed, sexual problems, and an out-of-control kid? This poor guy is in over his head.

“I spent my 20s focused on my career and myself. I didn’t date, moved often, lived alone, and very rarely put myself out there. Five years ago, I found a job that made me feel I could finally put roots down and start to get serious with a relationship. After a few short relationships didn’t work out over the last couple years, I met someone a few months ago who made me think she could be a woman I might spend the rest of my life with. She’s my age, a single mother, very sweet, attractive, intelligent with a great career. She’s caring and empathetic and we love many of the same things. Conversations come naturally. Things have been mostly great from day one.

Like any relationship, there are some issues… “

Check out this podcast episode above to hear what Charlie suggests he should do. #nobodyaskedpodcast

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